Wednesday, October 2, 2013


If you are looking for some fun FREE educational sites for the kids to use feel free to check back often as I will be adding to the list.
There are some great sites out there. Sometimes they can be hard to keep track of/find so I am making things easy for you & I both by listing them here :)

This site is great because you can choose the grade & subject level. It has a wide variety of fun games to play

This site is the site that I have started both my kids on as toddlers because it is easy for them to use & they love it.
As toddlers they loved watching & listening to the songs. They also LOVE the games!

This site has some great games.

This site is also great for little ones learning to use the computer. It teaches little ones the alphabet through song. It has some great games as well & stories for kids to read (or have read to them).

This site has some really neat games and it is divided by grade level & the games are lots of fun.
My sons favorite is sight word bingo playing against others online...pretty cool!

This site is great for playing online math games. Lots of variety here & varied ages.

This site is not a gaming site but it has been really great for practising math!

This site is great for kids grade 4+.  It has games that promote critical thinking like engineering, performing surgery, simple machines etc.

This site is a favourite of ours! My 12 year old step son still loves it & has been playing it since he was 9 yrs. old. My son who is 6 loves it as well.
The website has made a recent change that you no longer need to have a code (obtained when you buy a stuffed animal) so you are now able to play on the site for free!
The games are so much fun that even I enjoy them! I also love that they are taking care of pets & learning about $ with Kinzcash.

This site is really cool!  We are still checking the site out as it is really new to us but so far we really like what we see. In addition to fun games there are also "live cams"  so you are able to watch animals. The kids think this is great!

This site is fairly new to us as well. There are games, mad libs, online stories to read. This site seems really cool & we plan to do a lot more explore on it :)

This site is really cool! My son is very visual so this site is right up his alley! You are able to choose pictures on the site (great quality BTW) & create stories to share with friends & family via email or Facebook.
My son is thrilled by this!

If you have any fun & educational free websites that you think should be added to the list please feel free to let me know in the comments section!

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