Monday, October 7, 2013


There are plenty of Halloween themed printables & activities available as we get ready for Halloween!  Add some Halloween fun to your homeschooling day!

  Here is a FREE HALLOWEEN PRINTABLE PACK  for you to download.

with writing prompts, read & copy sheets and telling time activity.

Here is a cute Halloween craft! Great for kids of all ages:

This printable is a great circle time song to sing with you little one(s)
It is a cute little song about "4 little spiders" trying to catch some flies! Your children will giggle when you sing them this song and ask you to sing it over & OVER again!

Here is a great recipe for making some Halloween Playdoh!


Check out this cat & pumpkin themed colour coded sight word dabbing sheet! Another great sheet to practice sight words.

For the tots here is a fun set of FIND A LETTER sheets. There is a really cute "P is for pumpkin" one!

After Halloween your child is sure to have lots of Candy to use with this fun "Counting Candy" printable! Let them have some math fun counting while admiring their pile of candy ;)

This candy corn file folder math game is great for practising beginner addition & it's so much fun!

This pack of  Halloween themed sight word stamping sheets have adorable graphics & are lots of fun for practicing over 30 different sight words!

Have a child like I do that that loves filling in calendars?! 
This  pack is a years worth of calendar printables for your child to fill in! They will be learning lots without even knowing it! hosted an awesome blog hop that features plenty of pumpkin themed printables for kids of all ages. Check it out here: has an awesome free printable pack on her site right now!

I hope you have enjoyed these awesome Halloween themed activities!

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