Monday, September 16, 2013

Rhyming Go-Fish Game

I found this game yesterday on Pinterest and knew instantly that K would love it. He LOVES go-fish and is always wanting to play it!

I got the game here:

I took about 10 words from this list: 

& then added another 10 that I knew he has been getting stuck on lately.

At first he kept saying "mom, what does this say?" I answered him the first 3 times and then I made him start reading them... He was being totally lazy ;)

He did not complain at all though & once he started beating my butt at the game we were both laughing and joking around.
I kept saying things like "I bet I can stump you with this word!" & "You are so not going to get this one right!!"  It was lots of fun!! We ended up playing 2 rounds.

I loved this game & love that I can keep adding new words to simple!

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