Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sight Word Stamping!

I created some Halloween themed sheets for K so that he could practice his sight words.  He is really struggling with them lately so I wanted to create something fun that would help him to remember ...but without "drilling" him with flashcards.
Believe it or not the idea for the sheets was his. After seeing Little M using her find-a-letter sheets
 he wanted to do it as well "but with words"  he said.   So I went ahead and created! There are 6 of them in total.

He LOVES using dabbers! I am actually going to be heading out this weekend to pick up some more because we didn't have all the colours he needed.
My trick is to tell him that he has to read the words out loud as he is stamping them.  It is definitely helping him to remember and I am excited that we found something fun!
If you are interested you may download them here:
Thank you for your support!


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