Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Find -A -Letter" Printable sheets!

Little M has started to really take an interest in the letters of the alphabet and daily she says to me "mommy can I do my homework?". I think it is because she sees her big brother doing his daily school work. 
Whatever the reason, I am going to enjoy the enthusiasm while it lasts!

I made these sheets up for her to go over letters and she LOVES them!! She loves the pictures and she loves using dabbers. She usually needs me to show her which letter to dab the first 2 times and then she finds them on her own after that.  She also asks me about  the other letters on the page :)
Hope your little one likes them too!!

After  she was finished this page she enjoyed giving herself stickers for all her hard work :)

Here is the pumpkin themed sheet:

I have made 6 of these printable sheets so far. Feel free to download them all here:

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