Friday, September 13, 2013

Reading comprehension sheet

I have been trying to really squeeze in more reading with K lately. It's not that he doesn't enjoy me reading to him, it's just that it seems we get so busy doing other things during the day. I run a daycare of 5 kids & have little M who is 2 along with K who is 6 to teach!  Night time just always seems to be such a rush with 3 kids....but we are working on it. Hubby & I have both agreed that at night time after dinner until kids bedtime (about 8:30PM ish) is going to be "screen free" time so that we can focus more on reading, playing games & just enjoy being with our kids.

Anyway, back to the reason I am posting...LOL.

I made up a reading comprehension sheet to use with K after we read a chapter or 2. I am going to try implementing it with him once a week or so.

Here is a link to the download if you are interested. It's FREE!

If you download my free printable please share some feedback on it (I neeeeeed some feedback on my TPT store! LOL)
Hope you find it useful :)

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