Sunday, April 7, 2013

I hope to be back posting soon!

There is a reason I haven't been posting here much. My cell phone has been sent away to be fixed for the last week so I lost all of my photos on it & I am not able to take any on the crummy loaner phone :(

There has been lots going on here with K`s  homeschooling  now well underway & I can`t wait to take more pictures soon so that I can share!

K has been working on a Crested Gecko lapbook because our Geckos have been breeding and the mommy Gecko is about to lay eggs anytime.  He will be taking pictures for me to post here as part of the lapbook & putting them in it. He is SO excited about learning how to take care of the eggs etc. & he is hoping to catch the eggs hatching.

Hopefully I will be back to posting regularly soon!

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