Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter sensory fun!

 I realised  after I did not get very good pictures of this fun activity because my daycare kids were in most of them so I cannot share them here ;)   This activity was a BIG hit though so I had to share it!
I bought a bag of purple Easter grass from the $ store & poured it into the bin. I then took a few plastic Easter eggs (also from the $ store) & filled them with a mixture of pom poms & toddler sized buttons.  I also added a couple scoops & containers. They had such a blast!  They kept me busy filling the eggs back up for them (they had trouble closing the eggs on their own) They loved shaking them!
I was also amazed at how long this activity kept K busy (he is 6)  He kept filling eggs with Easter grass & making "bird nests" inside of the eggs.

Oh how I LOVE seeing his creativity coming back since he has been pulled from school! Brings tears to my eyes!

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