Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lapbooking about Crested Geckos

Last week K made a Lapbook about Crested Geckos.
I took some online photos of crested geckos & printed a few out for him to cut & paste onto his lapbook. Then I typed up a few questions about crested geckos & got him to answer them.  Some of this required google (his big brother & I both helped out with this as he does not use google on his own yet).

Here is a list of the questions I used:

Why I like crested geckos:
I have __ crested geckos. Their names are:
Temperature & humidity:
How to care for gecko eggs:
What geckos eat:

I let him decided how much he was willing to write (he never enjoys writing much)  He was happy to take some pictures of our new gecko eggs to add to the lapbook.
 He had  a lot of fun making his lapbook & he is always proud to show them off when he is finished :) 

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