Monday, February 11, 2013

Walking Water Experiment

 We found this experiment on Pinterest & K was very excited to try it. He was not disappointed!
 He started off by writing in his Science  Journal (just a spiral notebook I bought from the dollar store)   He made a list of materials & predicted what he thought would happen (there is a picture of his notebook & entry below)
He then took picture #1 & recorded in his journal with the time (11am) :
Picture #2:


 Picture #3

Here is a picture of K's science journal:

 He also added his own artwork.

This experiment was very simple & lots of fun! K was so impressed with it. He was amazed that the water made it's way into the cup without spilling a drop on the counter ;) The best part is that I got him to practise some printing with NO complaining! :)

Here is a link to the website were we got the idea from:

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