Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Candy Heart Experiment

Sometimes things don't turn out as planned...but you make the best of it! 

We set out to do this experiment that I found on Pinterest:

It looked really cool & K was very excited  to try it! Our hearts didn't end up "dancing" as much as K would have liked...  but it was still fun.  Also, him & little M really got a kick out of taste testing the candy hearts after being soaked in vinegar (ick!)

 I was also really impressed with K because he also added his own little spin on the experiment & asked me if he could make a prediction in his science journal & record how long he thought it would take for the candy hearts to dissolve.

Here are the materials we used:

 Here are our "dancing hearts":

 This is K comparing the size of a regular candy heart to one that had been soaked on vinegar, baking soda & water for a few minutes. He thought it was really cool that it had shrunk!
 Here is Little M tasting a vinegar soaked heart :)

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