Friday, February 8, 2013

Our story about deciding to homeschool

 Deciding to homeschool K has not been an easy decision for us at all! 

 I have known since K was a toddler that I wanted to homeschool BUT hubby on the other hand did not think it was a good idea.   
 I did some research on homeschooling back then but could not convice hubby that it was a good idea & he insisted that we oput him into school :( 

He was still 3 years old & it broke my heart to see him go off to school. Luckily he was only going to school from 9am-11:30 am    The first year of school was rough  because he cried most mornings saying he "wanted to stay home"  (I still feel very quilty about this!)  but by the next year he was getting excited to go back and see his friends. SK went quite smoothly & both years he was lucky to have the same EXCELLENT teacher.

In school  the feedback from teacher's has been that K is often silly in class, doesn't like to sit  at the carpet to read etc.  This year his teacher has said that he is behind in his reading & he does not like to do any writing (he is often staying in at recess to write)  He is struggling to remember his sight words....he seems to be able to learn the words with me at home but when he is tested at school he does not do well. The teacher has called home numerous times , written me notes in his planner & I have received calls from the school "learning support teacher" on a couple occassions.
This year we have had a HUGE issue with bullying. There is a boy in K's class that has been bullying him all year (physically) & K has been having anxiety issues over it (not being able to get to sleep due to anxiety, stomach pains etc.) He lives in fear of being bullied & that makes us very upset!  This boy has been suspended for the bullying but still it has continued.

I feel like my son deserves to be anxiety free & he deserves to enjoy his education.  I am happy to say that after many talks (and some arguments!) hubby & I have decided to give homeschooling a whirl.  I could not be happier to start this journey!!

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