Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's been WAY too Long!! Update!!

I have been so busy lately that I took a long break from blogging. I got thinking today about how much I have missed posting and most importantly I want these pictures and memories to be here for my kids so I am going to make more of an effort to post again!

Now that I have that out of the way here is an update on the kids:

Little M is now 3 years old!

She had an awesome Princess party and Rapunzel came. She was so smitten!  Her Mamma and Aunt Lor showed up to her party with the surprise of being dressed up as princesses as well!

Little M is a bright little girl. She is a firecracker, a sneaky little monkey, a drama queen and a real sweet heart all wrapped in a dainty little package! 
She is very smart....she can speak in long fluent sentences....much clearer then most her age and the things that come out of her mouth are hilarious. She uses words like "actually, essentially & seriously" on a constant basis and she has her dad and I howling all the time with the things she says and comes up with out of nowhere. I need to start writing them down so I can share!

Mr. K is in grade 2 but I am proud to say that he has advanced ahead to grade 3 math!

This kid is super smart! Everything we are learning he is absorbing like a sponge and he is constantly amazing me with how well he is learning!
His behaviour has improved greatly as well. We are still dealing with the same underlying issues (social anxiety, adhd, anger issues etc.) but he is controlling himself much better these days and I feel as parents we are learning to help him a little better.
Family gatherings are always a disaster but we get through them!  K has a hard time handling himself in social situations and that makes it hard for is hard for people to understand why he is acting the way he is (running around like a crazy man one minute, having hands-on the next minute and throwing a temper tantrum the next) but family members try to understand his "issues" and for the most part we are very lucky for the support we have.

Schooling wise K is advanced in math (his tests and quizzes are in the 80-90% range in grade 3 math right now) Reading we are definitely still struggling with. He loathes reading with a passion but we are pushing through it and my main focus has been to keep reading fun and interesting because I really want him to have a  lifetime love of reading like I do!

K loves anything science. Last week we studied earthquakes and did a unit study on the earthquake in Haiti (2010). This was brought on by K listening to the song "Wavin' flag" one day and the idea grew from there. He watched a few videos,  made a lapbook and studied a bit about earthquakes (I should take some pics to share here).

This week we studied Plant cells because his big brother brought home science homework (which he helped with) and he asked me if he could learn about it as well. I was thrilled when he took the paper with the diagram of the labelled plant cell and put it into his homeschooling pile and said we needed to work on it this week!  So he watched an episode of Bill Nye, we discussed and then we made our own diagram.  I did not expect for him to remember so much of it! (afterall it was grade 7 work!) but he GOT it. He understood the concept and we was able to discuss it over dinner with his dad and I... proud mommy moment!

Anyway, this post is long enough now so I will share a couple more pics and then try to keep things updated on a more regular basis :)

Here is one of our family photos from a few weeks ago!
(Photo courtesy of

 Lastly I want to remind myself why we choose to homeschool our children and that is because our kids have built such a great bond with eachother! I love that they learn everything together and that he is there for her everyday <3

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