Sunday, January 19, 2014

Setting up a "snack bin"!

When my 7 year old son was younger I saw a Pin about a snack bin on Pinterest & I made one for him but he kind of grew out of it when he was around 5 or so. He just kind of started getting snacks on his own & no longer needed/wanted me to prep. things for him.
Now that Little M is 2.5 years old she is growing like a weed and constantly asking me for snacks throughout the day!
 I thought I would try setting up a "snack bin" for her last week and she LOVES it! When she asks me for a snack now I just tell her yes or no and then she is able to run and grab it herself because it is kept within reach for her (it is in a bottom drawer in our kitchen)  
 Its so simple! Just prep. the bin a couple times per week with healthy snacks and that's it!
There are plenty of different snacks I put it in the bin:
fruit cups
apple sauce

I would love to include cut up veggies but unfortunately Little M won't eat any right now unless they are cooked :( 
There are so many things you can add and I love the fact that Little M feels so proud that she is able to go and grab a snack for makes her feel like such a big girl!


Do you use a snack bin in your home?

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  1. What a great idea! I have 3 little ones in my home and 2 of them are ALWAYS hungry :) A snack bin will help minimize interruption in our homeschool. :)