Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Advent Calendar

I finished making up our Christmas Advent Calendar today & I am happy with how it turned out. The kids are so excited to get started!

It was very easy to make. I just made up a list of things I wanted to include (the kids helped me with this part) & then I cut out some slips of white paper to write the list items on.
I then took a few paper bags & cut strips to use to make the little pockets. I just cut a strip off to fit the card & the folded a flap on the bottom & taped it shut. Then I glued the pockets to the Bristol board.
& glued them onto the pockets & filled them with the cards. Very simple :)

Here is our list: 

Make a Christmas card for a friend & send/deliver it.
Drop off some cat & dog treats to the animal shelter.
Read a story to a sibling.
Pay for the person behind you at Timmies.
Leave a letter of thanks & a small treat for the mail person.
Make a card & small gift for the custodian.
Shovel a neighbors’ driveway
Deliver a card & treat for an elderly neighbor.
Make cookies & deliver to a neighbor.
Buy a bag of cat food & deliver to our neighbor (she is a vet tech.) that feeds the stray cats.
Drop off an anonymous card & small gift to someone who has been helpful to you.
Make a Christmas card & small treat for a neighbor who is ill.
Bring in a card of thanks & small gift for the ER nurses (we will probably buy a box of chocolates)
Deliver a card & small gift to the learning support teacher.
Bring flowers to a widow.
Bring a care package to Grampa (he has been ill & is doing treatment)
Drop off a Chemo care package for Granny.
Found the idea here:
Donate canned goods to the food bank.
Bring up someone else’s recycling bin.
 Bring a tea to Mamma & Auntie Em.
 Give mom & dad a pedicure (believe it or not they love doing this ;)
 Decorate a gingerbread house together.
Make popcorn and snuggle up to watch a Christmas movie.
Have a family fun game night.
I hope our list inspires you!  I will be posting pictures of us completing our advent calendar all month long :)




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