Sunday, October 20, 2013

Learning Letters With Rocks!

Little M is 2.5 & has been so interested in letters lately that I thought I would make a fun game for her to play!
I took some rocks that we had collected yesterday while at the park and wrote some letters on them. I chose A, B & C for the letters because M is really just beginning to recognize them.
I bought the little containers from Dollarama (I looked for the kind that had the snapping lids) and then I added a strip of masking tape on each container and wrote a letter on each one.
Little M right away dumped all the rocks into one container.
 With the first couple of rocks I showed her how to sort them into separate containers and then she took it from there!
During this activity I kept mentioning the letters to her and coaching her on 1-2 words that go with each letter just to introduce her to the connection of letter & words. She has a great memory and she really enjoyed playing with this activity! 
Here are the words we used:
A is for apple/alligator
B is for Bro Bro & Brother
C is for cat

If you look closely at the labels you will see I drew little pictures after a few minutes to help sort them a little easier...she really liked that ;)

She then asked me if it was OK to take off the labels & play around with them, switching them to different containers.
This activity lasted about 30 mins. which is great for her age/attention span & she also played with it the next day as well for another 30 mins or so....I call that a success!


  1. This looks like so much fun. What a great idea with the rocks. Makes me wish blogs like this existed when mine were little.