Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Daily Checklist

We have started using a Daily Checklist to help keep us on task & so far it has been working really well!

I know all kids are different...for K I have found that he really thrives on things being "the same".  This sometimes drives me a little crazy because I am not a very good planner...but I have been really making an effort to take every Sunday to plan ahead for my homeschooling & daycare week because things run a lot smoother when you have a plan!

K & I decided today that we would also incorporate an incentive to make the checklist fun! We are going to total his checks up at the end of the day & give him "mom bucks". This way when he collects enough "mom bucks" he can shop at the "mom store" (A Rubbermaid I have that will soon be stocked up with a few items like new markers, books, treats, small toys, puzzles etc.)

Here are some pictures of the prize bin & "mom bucks":

We also decided today that we will declare every Friday "Fun Friday".  We will still be homeschooling Fridays of course but we will try to incorporate as many games & fun activities as possible to make the day more fun (this is more for me because sometimes I tend to be way too serious ;)

This checklist is separate from our "chore list". Our chore list is a calendar with items listed for them to complete (2 chores) everyday. For these chores they collect .25 cents per chore they finish.

This list is meant as an extra incentive for school work completed.

Here is our checklist:

Feel free to download it here for FREE if you are interested:

ETA:  If you want to see our actual list filled in it is included in the download. I uploaded both a blank copy and a filled in copy in the download :)

Also, we now use this with my 12 yr. old step son as well!  We have been struggling lately with him helping out with his siblings & playing the "big brother" role...this list has been great encouragement & motivation for him.
His list has the following on it:

Brush teeth in the AM
Brush teeth before bed
Read with your sister
Read with your brother
Help your brother with homework
Play a game with your brother (board/learning game)
Finish homework
Feed the geckos

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