Monday, September 23, 2013


I made K a file folder math game this weekend because we have been practicing our addition facts. He LOVES it!!
It is so simple.....all you need is the download, a file folder,  glue, a die and anything you wish to use as player pieces (we used a gem & a squinky!)

Here is the look on his face when he got 8+8 :)  He got stumped on this one!!

Here he is excited he got the answer right. This game is a real confidence booster and tons of fun!


His job was also to "check" my answers to make sure I was answering them correctly. He caught me once making a mistake! :)


Here is what our game looked like at the end. He totally beat me! 
The duration of the whole game was about 15- 20 mins.  Perfect amount of time for my sons attention span.

I taped a plastic sandwich bag to the back of the file folder to put the cards & pieces in.
If you are interested in downloading this game it is here:

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