Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Unfortunately I didn't get many photos this year because I was seriously ill with the Flu :(  Remind me to NEVER do that again!!
 We did manage still though to have a great Christmas!  It was our first year doing the "Christmas Ambush for the homeless" you can read about it here because K & dad were in the paper :)
 Here is a picture of some of our group that participated. From left to right is K's little homeschooling friend N, my mom, my sister, K & daddy.
Our group actually had 7 more people but I didn't get a chance to get a picture of everyone. Next year I definitely will (hopefully I will not be so sick!!)
Here is a picture of some of the bags I made up to hand out. I ended up getting enough donations to make up about 80 care packages!
I cannot wait to do it again next year!!
This time I am going to do some things differently. For one we will all be starting to buy items earlier in the year. When we go to the $ store throughout the year we can pick up & item here & there for example & set them aside.  Also, we are going to start advertising for donations sooner. Lastly, I am going to start crocheting this year so that I can make up hats, mittens & scarves myself (& hopefully K as well since he loves crocheting)  So excited!!
Here is a picture of M feeling under the weather. She started feeling sick boxing day. Luckily she did not get hit as hard & had a 24 hr. fever that turned into a bad cold. She loved her Hello Kitty Build-a-Bear!

Here is K with his world map puzzle.
 Here is M waiting at Urgent Care on Boxing Day.
Here is  M at Gramma & Grampa's opening some gifts.

 Here is our tree on Christmas Eve. Thankfully my mom came to my rescue & helped me finish wrapping presents!!
Here are some photos of the kids at Gramma & Grampa's:

I love this picture because this is Grampa telling us about being a Paratrooper in the Army.  I am so glad that Grampa opened up to talk to us all about his experiences because I feel like it's so important for the kids to know as much as they can about their great grampa. We also got to see his medals (he just received a new one!)

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