Sunday, December 1, 2013


This week K requested that our Unit be on Arctic Animals. This stemmed from the week before when we did our Bear Unit Study and learned a bit about polar bears. 

The following was a great treasure hunt type activity that K loved doing!
I printed off the cards and I randomly placed them around the room. Then I had K take the recording worksheet with him around the room to find the numbered cards & write the name of the animal on the worksheet. He loves this kind of treasure hunt game!  
I ended up changing fox to Arctic fox, bear to polar bear and whale to Orca whale just to give him a little more writing.
It was a big hit with him and even Little M loved the picture cards and played with them!

Arctic Winter Write the Room

Here are some pictures if them working with this activity:

This was another great freebie I found while searching for activities called Artic Odd & Even.   I skipped doing this activity with K because he is a little advanced in math but it would be great for grade 1 math/for review.

Arctic Odd & Even

K used this penguin themed writing paper to make his Santa Letter. Unfortunately I forgot to snap some pictures of this but it turned out really cute with this paper:
I found this awesome Arctic Word Sort freebie as well and it was a hit too!
Arctic Word Sort
K sorted the words into columns based on it's number of syllables. Here he is clapping out syllables.

This  Arctic fox mini packet was a great addition to our unit as well.
We used information from the following site to fill in these pages:
Here are some videos we ended up watching to help us learn about Arctic animals:
A polar bear stalking a seal
Orcas swimming in the water
This is a really adorable Walrus craft that we didn't get around to making yet....but we will because it is so cute & when we do I will post some pictures!
Walrus craft
Here are a couple of really great sensory bin ideas. I have the ice in the freezer getting ready to try this great sensory bin from
and this one looks like so much fun too!
 Pictures of the kids with the sensory bins are still to come. I hope you have as much fun with this unit study as we have!




  1. Wow, what a great unit. I would love to learn more about arctic animals. They are so loveable - filled with blubber. hope you don't mind that I pin this on my homeschoollinkup pinterest board.

    1. So glad you like it Lisa! My kids had so much fun last week learning about these great animals. Thanks so much for sharing it on your board :)

  2. Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday :)
    I think my kiddos would love this!