Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sensory Play- Moon/Cloud Dough

 If you haven't tried making Moon/Cloud dough you really should!  I had the idea pinned on Pinterest for a while but couldn't find an actual link to the recipe (the website is

I saw the ingredients listed but with no measurements at all so I just guessed. Here is what I used:

2 cups of Flour
1 cup of baby oil

Very simple & it kept Little M busy for an hour!  She loves it! It is so soft & it molds like sand so she was building me sand castles & making me cookies :)

Even K got in on playing with it!
This picture is of her icky sticky hands after she decided to add a bit of water to it.  She was not happy with herself...LOL.
This was a great activity & an easy clean-up...I just took out the hose & hosed down the deck after :)

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