Monday, April 29, 2013

What curriculum do we use?!

I have had a few fellow homeschoolers ask what curriculum we are using so I thought I would share. 

We are very new to homeschooling so I am sure there will be things that will work for us & things that won't. Right now we are using:

I LOVE this is SO easy to use!....K has been doing amazing with it & his learning has improved with leaps and bounds since starting this curriculum 2 months ago.  He is only 8 lessons away from being done grade 1 spelling....he has learned to spell 90 words in 2.5 months...pretty awesome if you ask me!!

I have gone back in forth on getting:
because I wasn't sure how it was & it is that I have seen how awesome all about spelling is I am def. going to buy the all about reading as well. I will likely start him on Level 2 soon.

Right now we are using :  for reading.
I really like this because K really enjoys doing work on the c
omputer. I love how there are so many different games that it keeps it really exciting for him.  The only downfall I would say about Reading Eggs is that K has some issues with repetitiveness & he losses his patience pretty quickly sometimes. For instance there are 2 characters that he can't stand the voices of on the website (one is a lamb & the other is a when they come on the screen he immediately covers his ears & says he "can't stand them!"....that's just K for you though....he has some issues with things like that we do our best to push through it or take a break & come back to it later.
There have also been a couple of activities when the "computer voice" repeats the instructions annoyingly while he is trying to actually do it.....he then gets frustrated because the voice is "annoying" and covers his ears....that has only happened twice so far though so we are doing pretty good ;)

For math we use:

So far I really like it. I do have to admit that I have been a little later getting to the math as he has always liked math & I really wanted to get him caught up in reading/spelling.
I do find the teacher book a little boring so I watch the video (& skip some of it a bit because it is also sometimes boring ;) but that is probably because I HATE math. Luckily, K is pretty good at math & seems to enjoy it for the most part.

I have also been using a couple books I bought from Costco. One of them is a math book that is HUGE & it is very appealing to K because it is colourful & fun (I will have to post a picture of it because it's awesome!)

We use pinterest for science :)  There are SO many great experiments etc. out there on pinterest!

I also use
with K but to be honest he usually only spends about 1-1.5 hours per week on it....I am striving to get him on a bit more but we get quite busy with other things.

I should also add for physical activity he gets outside daily now that it's nice out & plays with friends after school (from about 3:30 till 7:30 pm)  & he also takes some time during the day to get out as well (at least for half an hour or more to get fresh air/go for a walk).

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