Friday, March 1, 2013

Lapbook about friendship, respect & the importance of family

 For a little while we have been struggling with K to keep his hands to himself. It is a daily battle between him & his older brother and K often gets out of hand (with his dad as well...especially in public!)
Since K has really become interested in making lapbooks lately I thought maybe getting him to create a lapbook addressing this behaviour might be helpful.  The book also touches on   friendship,  respect & the importance of family.

K really enjoyed making his lapbook (I helped him to fill in the blanks) I really enjoyed spending the time with him to go over the questions (they ask  things like what he thinks it takes to be a good friend) . He loves reading it with his dad & I and I am really hoping it helps him to be a little less hands on! 
If this is something you think your child would enjoy you can download the printables here:

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