Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nursery Rhymes Lapbook

 Little M LOVES Nursery rhymes  so when I saw this on Pinterest I couldn't wait to print it out & make it with her!   

 I left room at the bottom of the first page so I can add her name :)

I used a lot of what was there but some of them I left out & I did decide to add a couple of my own. Little M's favorite's are "Eensy Weensy spider" & "row row row your boat" so I typed those up & added them to her lapbook, along with "5 little ducks" because it is a fun one to sing.

 She LOVES her lapbook & asks to read it daily. My daycare kids love it as well!

Here is the   link for it:

Here are the links to the pages I have created as well:

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